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“Office Tek provide us with fantastic IT support all year round. They know our system intimately, including our school specific software and FMS. They have also assisted us with setting up our new FROG VLE.”

Amy Majhu – ebook

Amy Majhu
Data Manager
High Arcal School

“St Albans has been using the services of Office Tek for 3 years now and have always found the staff professional, friendly and very helpful. Initially, Office Tek helped St Albans audit their IT services and needs and devised a plan of requirements which really helped us”

Tonia Flannagan – ebook

Tonia Flannagan
Association Manager
St Albans Community Centre

“We at Martin & Co/ EBS Property Ltd & Genuine Interiors Ltd are a very busy Lettings & Estate Agent also a property maintenance company, taking care of a very large portfolio of Clients, so systems to us is very important, as everything we do is relying on great IT Support.”

Nick Sanghera – ebook

Nick Sanghera
Managing Director
Martin & Co. (Wolverhampton)