Simon Mico

Simon Mico

The company has always used an external IT support provider in addition to our internal IT resource. This has provided a good balance between instant trouble shooting response and diversity of knowledge. Before we switched to Office Tek, we had got used to almost daily IT "glitches", and were continuously fire fighting yesterdays problem.

Office Tek invested many hours of their time, first understanding our network, and then listening to us so they knew what we required from it. As a result, our network was overhauled, and Office Tek proactively monitor the whole system, fixing problems long before anyone here know we have them. The difference when we switched to Office Tek was incredible.

As unbelievable as it sounds, virtually overnight, our internal IT stopped fire fighting. Every aspect of the network was covered, and this allowed users to call up with minor concerns, that previously would have been overlooked due to the distractions that fire fighting the network had previously caused. Office Tek have proved most valuable due to their unique ability to help everyone, without patronising or trying to blind any users with jargon. In our 30 year history, we have never experienced a better feedback from our staff than for Office Tek.

Simon Mico
Managing Director
Bio Diagnostics Ltd.

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