10 Ways to create a more engaged customer base using social media

10 Ways to create a more engaged customer base using social media

Checking social media has become as natural as breathing. Every day, we log on to different apps and sites to chat with friends, check the news, shop online, or share funny cat videos. No wonder 45 million people in the United Kingdom are hooked, spending an average of 114 minutes on social networking services (SNS) daily.

Experts predict that these numbers will only go up, since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay at home. With time on their hands, citizens are expected to flock to social media for information, entertainment, and whatnot.

Business owners should take advantage of this situation by making the most of social media.

How can social media boost my business?

If you have a strong social media presence, you can increase the buzz around your brand and get more people to check out your business.

You can also use SNS to build better customer relations. Responsive customer service using the chat, comment, and reply functions on social media shows commitment to clients, increasing their loyalty.

And now that you can’t promote your products by handing out flyers or putting up signs on your physical shop, you have to leverage digital marketing. Now more than ever, social media is an indispensable tool to reach your audience.

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How can I engage my audience on social media?

1. Provide value – Instead of hard-selling your product, provide related content with useful takeaways. If you’re selling kitchenware, for instance, you can post recipes that people can make using your products. This way, visitors stay on your page longer. Longer session duration is a key indicator that users are engaged with your content.

2. Use the right images – Posts with relevant images get 94% more clicks than those that don’t. And when you use images that drive the point across or capture a feeling that resonates with your audience, they won’t hesitate to like, share, and comment on your post.

3. Respond quickly — People expect businesses to respond on social media, and fast. Especially at a time when uncertainty is growing, people want their demands validated and addressed ASAP. Replying quickly will show commitment to your clients, and will encourage other users to also reach out to your business.

4. Be authentic — Use a unique voice, and make sure it’s consistent across social media platforms. You can adopt a witty, professional, or sarcastic tone depending on your industry and target market, as well as the image you want to portray. People enjoy interacting with a business that has a personality.

5. Have Q&A sessions – Question and answer sessions let you interact with your customers in real time and respond to any concerns they might have. Social media doesn’t have to be a one-way road: you can also learn directly from customers’ opinions, suggestions, and recommendations.

6. Share customer’s posts – One way to show appreciation to loyal customers is by sharing their posts that involve your business. If you run an online jewelry store, for instance, you can repost clients’ pictures that showcase your products — just be sure to ask their permission first.

7. Add relevant hashtags – Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are hashtag-driven, and allow you to find and track posts that use specific hashtags. Study the keywords your target audience usually search for, and add those hashtags to your posts. You can also use your own hashtag to strengthen your brand and make your company stand out.

8. Offer giveaways – Host a promotional giveaway that will not only create brand awareness but will encourage people to participate. Ask netizens to share your post and tag friends in order to qualify. Your prize can be a discount on a service or product you’re offering. For transparency, post the results of your giveaway and proof that the winner was able to claim their prize.

9. Engage with the latest trends and issues – People are more likely to support businesses that share their views and their passions, and boycott those that don’t. Now that COVID-19 is affecting every sector of society, you can rally your customers behind the good cause of helping those taking the hardest hit. For example, you can donate a part of your sales to COVID-related causes.

10. Use analytics tools – Your social media strategy should be guided by data. Smart analytics tools give insight on which of your posts drive traffic and generate sales, and which ones don’t perform as well as expected. Do more of what gets the audience to participate.

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