Slow internet speed costs your business more than money

Slow internet speed costs your business more than money

To ensure productivity and efficiency in your business operations, a smooth and reliable internet connection is important. You shouldn’t be dealing with any sort of slowdown or downtime. In fact, according to a study by Sharp UK, poor internet connectivity costs an average UK employee 40 minutes every day, equating to 167 hours or four weeks of lost time every year. Revenue-wise, this will cost organisations over £2,100 annually per employee.

Poor internet connections pull down employee morale

Typical corporations would only be worried about lost revenue caused by connectivity issues. However, beyond profits and customers, such problems could also have a negative effect on your employees.

If your internet connection is slow or down, your employees are left doing nothing other than waiting for the connection to be repaired. This scenario might be bearable for some if it only happens occasionally. However, if the issue is something that employees have to deal with every day, they'll end up feeling frustrated and disgruntled.

Most employees are assessed according to the results they deliver, but lag impedes them from meeting their performance quotas. With deadlines looming, the wait for a good internet connection brings about unnecessary anxiety in your staff. You may have the latest and greatest tools in your office, but if downtime is holding back your workers from doing their work properly, how else can they work properly with clients?

Slow internet speeds mean poor customer relations

Let’s say that you run a customer-focused enterprise. Your customers could see slow internet as poor customer service. If they need to wait long for a response from you, or they can’t see or hear you properly during video conferences, your clients could lose confidence in your business and become wary in investing their time and money with you.

How to choose the right plan for you

The good news is, it’s not too late to recover from your losses from downtime. Take time to do research on what broadband connection options are ideal for your enterprise. Don’t just go for what’s being advertised as fast and reliable, as there might be other options that better suit your needs and fit your budget.

For instance, if your company has around 20 employees, you may want to go for a superfast fibre broadband service. It provides low latency with download and upload speeds of up to 76 and 19Mbps, respectively. This setup will be enough for video conferencing, cloud computing, and using bandwidth-demanding applications.

However, a larger workforce might benefit better from an ultrafast fibre broadband service. It offers average download speeds of up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of 48Mbps. It might be a lot more expensive, but with low latency and unlimited usage, it allows for instant communication within your operations, and fast download times for large files. Ultrafast broadband also ensures that you are talking to your clients in real time with virtually no lag or slowdown.

A faster internet connection is a solid investment

Don’t view your purchase of a faster internet connection package as an expense that won’t help your operations run more smoothly. Think of it as an asset and a competitive advantage. If you have a faster internet connection, you’re keeping employee morale high and gaining client trust as well.

Customers will be assured that your services are reliable and that they can easily reach you whenever they need to. Always remember, a fast internet connection is a worthy investment that will give back a thousandfold once profits come in.

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