Reasons your business needs a security assessment

Reasons your business needs a security assessment

No business can do without computers, the internet, and the slew of program and applications that ensure smooth day-to-day operations. This is why small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should keep their office technology safe and secure from the countless threats, both external and internal, that can exploit their systems and cause data, productivity, and financial losses.

If it’s been a while since you assessed your cybersecurity posture, now is the time to fix that. And it might be a good idea to have a managed IT services provider (MSP) do it for you. An MSP will use the latest tools and methods to get a clear picture of your IT infrastructure as well as any threats or vulnerabilities from within. MSPs also provide a detailed summary of their findings and a list of recommended actions to help you stay one step (or more) ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Aside from it being a long time since you’ve had a security assessment, here’s a few more reasons why you need one now.

You want to avoid data breaches

Data is the lifeblood of any business and protecting it is crucial for business continuity. If your business stores or handles a lot of data, you’re a prime target for cyberattacks. Keep in mind that cybercriminals don’t necessarily discriminate against SMBs. In fact, the frequency of cyberattacks against SMBs is on the rise.

Smaller businesses, like their large enterprise cousins, have valuable business data that can fetch a pretty penny on the dark web. And because SMBs don’t always have the proper security know-how and technology, their systems are easier to get into and steal from.

You want protection from threats specific to your industry

If there has been an uptick in security breaches in your industry, your company must be on high alert. We saw Ransomware-as-a-Service automate attacks on the healthcare businesses and if those events proved anything, it’s that targeting entire industries in one fell swoop is easier than ever. Regular assessments will help you identify and implement proactive strategies that prevent business security risks.

You want to upgrade your technology

Any time you upgrade your business’s technology or make a big change like moving your network to the cloud, it’s important to get a security assessment. While the changes you made may be designed to beef up security, it pays to err on the side of caution and have an MSP perform a penetration test of your new tech to make sure that it has what it takes to protect your data.

You want to increase your staff’s security awareness

Human error remains the number one cause of security breaches in enterprises big and small. Failure to follow security practices and procedures either due to a lack of knowledge about them or general carelessness leaves your systems wide open to attacks from all sides. A security assessment will reveal such issues so that you can address them by crafting and implementing training programmes that will increase your staff’s security awareness and vigilance.

You want to uphold your reputation and integrity

A single data breach can damage your reputation forever and cost you the trust of your clients. Not only will a network assessment ensure your protection from security incidents, it will also show your customers that you mean business and that their personal, financial, and/or healthcare information is of the utmost importance to you.

A comprehensive cybersecurity assessment is crucial to identifying vulnerabilities that can bring your network and your business down. By uncovering gaps in your systems before cybercriminals can exploit them, you can prevent any loss of data, money, or productivity, and ensure your IT infrastructure will help — not hinder — your business goals.

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