Protect your business with an ironclad backup

Protect your business with an ironclad backup

Data loss is a serious problem for businesses of any size, and it can happen either through deliberate means like cyberattacks or unintentionally as in the case of natural or man-made disasters.

Deliberate cyberattacks have not only become more common, they’re also increasing in severity, with some viruses able to cause large-scale data loss that can cripple your business.

In addition to malware becoming more dangerous, infections are also becoming much more common. A 2017 report from the Office for National Statistics claimed there 4.7 million incidents of fraud and computer misuse last year, up 15% compared to 2016. Of course, there are also less malicious disasters, such as fires, transport accidents, and industrial mishaps.

That’s why a strong data backup solution is essential for your business. Having one ensures that your company data will be secure and your business will be able to recover should a disaster or a hacker strike.

What makes a strong data backup solution?

Robust data backup systems can offer total security and protection from all possible threats, especially if you follow the 3-2-1 rule:

  • Make three copies of every piece of important data
  • Store the copies in two different formats, one on an internal drive, the other on external media like disks or tapes
  • Keep one copy offsite to protect against natural or man-made disasters like fire, flooding, or theft

How to choose the right backup for your business

You can use any of the following backup options to implement the 3-2-1 rule:

  • Offline local backup -- Your data is kept in onsite storage (like a hard drive or USB stick) and is saved in several copies in case the primary storage crashes.
  • Offsite backup -- Your data is moved either physically (often using magnetic or optical storage) or electronically to a different location for storage.
  • Cloud-based backup -- Your data is backed up to a cloud-based data centre or other offsite servers that are accessible via the Internet. This is one of the best options since it eliminates problems associated with both natural disasters and cyberattacks.
  • Hybrid data backup -- This option combines the speed of local backup with the security of cloud backup, for better protection and faster recovery.

Data backups from OfficeTek

You have no control over cyber criminals choosing to target your data or floods that make your office and its technology inaccessible for prolonged periods of time. And the sad reality is that your company could face both -- you just don’t know when. Many businesses in the West Midlands neglect to prepare for natural disasters because they believe they’re too rare to warrant it. Would your business be able to weather a tornado like the one that hit Birmingham in 2005?

You should back up your company’s financial records, customer records, tax forms, sales records, spreadsheets, emails, and all necessary documents to keep your business going. In case an attack or a disaster happens, you can easily recover your data and get back quickly on your feet.

OfficeTek provides a complete range of data backup services, as well as IT Consulting and Support services, so we can assess your needs and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage your precious data. Contact our experts today.

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