How will your business benefit from IT consulting?

How will your business benefit from IT consulting?

Small- and medium-sized businesses face budget, time, and manpower constraints. So despite the fact that better technology can improve their bottom line, most companies won’t bother installing the latest firewall software or upgrading their WiFi router unless their existing one breaks.

But if you hire a managed services provider (MSP) like OfficeTek, you’ll receive consulting and constant advice on how to keep your IT optimized. Here are 5 ways your business will benefit from IT consulting.

#1. Use the right technology

An IT consultant can thoroughly examine your IT infrastructure, uncover tech vulnerabilities, and design a customised step-by-step IT plan that aligns with your business objectives. For example, if you’re a service-oriented business they may suggest you change your landline phones to a VoIP solution to improve customer service. VoIP can do this by transcribing voicemails to emails and automatically routing incoming calls to the right employee.

#2. Save money

Maintaining your own IT department is costly. On top of spending money on technicians’ salaries, you also need to pay for staff training. Enlisting an IT consultant from an MSP eliminates these costs as you pay an hourly rate for their service on an outsourced basis. They will be available 24/7, ready to troubleshoot and fix your technical issues remotely or onsite.

An experienced IT consultant can also advise you against purchasing unnecessary hardware and software. For example, they may recommend you opt for a cloud storage solution instead of an on-site data server so you can save on office space and maintenance costs.

#3. Enjoy seamless operations

Slow computers, old software, unreliable networks, and malware prevent businesses from working at full speed, but an IT consultant can solve these problems fast. They always stay on top of the latest technology trends and are well connected with many industry-leading vendors, allowing them to recommend solutions that fit your specific business needs. They can also help you duplicate and store your critical files and apps on multiple servers in the cloud so your business can resume operations immediately after a disaster.

#4. Improve employees’ technical abilities

Your employees use technology to work, but not everyone is good at it. But you can make sure everyone maximizes their potential by holding regular training sessions that make them much savvier and security-conscious workers. MSPs that offer an IT consulting service can help you organise these sessions and educate your staff about anything tech related, from topics as simple as “how to operate CRM software” to difficult ones like “how to detect and mitigate cyberthreats.” And if your employees face any technical issues at any time, your IT consultant is just a phone call away.

#5. Focus on growing your business

Research shows that the average worker is only productive for three hours per day. But this dramatically shortens if they have IT tasks to handle like researching new antimalware software, installing new computers, or backing up company-wide data. An IT consultant lets you spend all your productive hours on income-generating projects while they manage your IT infrastructure round the clock.

Other than our consultancy service, OfficeTek also offers a wide array of IT solutions, ranging from cyber security and disaster protection to VoIP and cloud. If your business is located in West Midlands or Birmingham and is in need of a managed IT services provider, call us at 0121 525 0016 or send us a message. If you’re not ready to make that move, learn how you can benefit from an MSP from our free eBook “5 Big Ways IT Outsourcing Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity”.

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