A Match Made in Heaven: Managed IT Services and The Cloud

A Match Made in Heaven: Managed IT Services and The Cloud

In the middle of 2017, approximately 85% of UK adults owned a mobile phone -- a sharp increase from 52% in 2012. As a result, more people have been able to get information and communicate with their friends, families, and colleagues anywhere, anytime with their handheld devices.

This has caused the business landscape to change. Mobile workforces and the advent of The Cloud have allowed companies to share and collaborate on documents much more easily, and employers are now able to contact their employees at all times and ultimately provide better service to their customers. However, despite its numerous benefits, the public cloud has drawbacks, such as data breaches and vulnerabilities.

That’s why having a managed IT service provider maintaining your cloud-hosted data and software apps is very important. With a cloud managed services provider, you can be assured of bolstering your IT security level affordably.


Migrating to a public cloud can be risky. Even with strong security tools implemented in the cloud, a public IT platform is more susceptible to security issues like data breaches, malware, and data loss than a private server. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, keeping your data safe in the public cloud can be challenging.

This isn’t an issue when you use a cloud managed services provider. Because experts are available 24/7/365, they can proactively maintain your system at all times, ensuring everything is protected from cyberattacks and unauthorised exploitation by any third parties. Your data is also backed up at multiple sites so you can access it from anywhere, whenever you need. And if there’s a new update available for your IT system, your provider will promptly secure your computers with the latest technology.


Regardless of your company’s size, moving your data can be complicated. It needs to be properly encrypted to ensure complete security, and it can require lots of time depending on how your saved data is stored (on disks, drives, or tapes, etc.).

With a managed IT service provider, you won’t need to worry about any security or data restoration issues. Our specialists utilise advanced data migration tools that ensure not only that everything is secured during the move, but that everything gets handled in large batches so your data will be available in the cloud in short order.


Managing an in-house IT department with an onsite client-server infrastructure can be costly, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses. Not only would you need to purchase more equipment to accommodate all your operational needs, but managing everything would require more and more personnel, too. Moreover, your IT guys would need constant certifications and training when new technologies become available.

Partnering with a cloud managed services provider makes growth much more affordable because you'll have to pay only for the resources and expertise you need at a fixed price. And since cloud computing is highly scalable, you can increase capacity whenever you need by simply upgrading your cloud computing package. Plus, because it is a public cloud, you'll be sharing the platform with multiple users, allowing you to enjoy the same service at a much lower cost.

A cloud managed services provider delivers security, simplicity, and affordability whilst boosting your work productivity and efficiency. At OfficeTek, our experts are capable of providing you with personalised, best-in-class cloud solutions that can be customised to meet your precise business needs. Call today!